Weird Puzzle Tunes is the seventh album released by the Homestuck Fan Musicians. As the third fan compilation album based on a theme, Weird Puzzle Tunes is themed around Problem Sleuth, the third MS Paint Adventure and the immediate predecessor to Homestuck. Conceived and produced by the FLSA team, the album was released on the ninth anniversary of Problem Sleuth. The project was spearheaded by "Nuclear" Roxe and ndividedbyzero, and features a mixture of chiptunes and jazz.

Track list Edit

Track No. Title Musician(s) Track cover art artist
1 Compensation, Adequate Ostrichlittledungeon Selan Pike

XenoZane (Concept)

2 We Have a Problem, Sleuth "Nuclear" Roxe Minish
3 Sleuthing Around Xoro Selan Pike
4 Legitimate Establishment WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES yazshu
5 Defuse A Bomb "Nuclear" Roxe "Nuclear" Roxe
6 Fractal Flowers Kal-la-kal-la Andrew Hussie (from Problem Sleuth)
7 Battle Against An Imaginary Foe power464646 Selan Pike
8 Phantasmic Foe "Nuclear" Roxe yazshu
9 You Died, Idiot power464646 yazshu
10 Monochromatic Shenanigans Xoro Minish
11 Syndetic Scramble ndividedbyzero OpsCat
12 While The Iron's Hot OpsCat OpsCat
14 Go Back "Nuclear" Roxe Selan Pike
15 DEVILHEAD RISING power464646 XenoZane
16 Bonehead Destiny power464646 OpsCat
17 Semisepuchritude ndividedbyzero Selan Pike
18 Replicollision Noisemaker Andrew Hussie (from Problem Sleuth)
19 [BONUS] Midnight Stew ndividedbyzero Selan Pike
20 [BONUS] The Point Of Going Home "Nuclear" Roxe Selan Pike