The Homestuck/MSPA music community has expanded beyond the MS Paint Adventures canon, and has created numerous albums in the style of the Homestuck albums relating to noncanonical related works. This includes fan adventures, original stories in the style of (and sometimes deriving from the canon of) MSPA and Homestuck, as well as other non-MSPA works by Andrew Hussie.

Fan Adventure Albums Edit

Tumblrstuck/bent Edit

Tumblrstuck/bent: Vol. 0 Edit

Tumblrstuckbent vol 0

Album Art by Aki

Tumblrstuck/bent: Vol. 1 Edit

Tumblrstuckbent vol 1

Tumblrstuck/bent: Vol. 2 Edit

Tumblrstuckbent vol 2

Album Art by Elenor Pam

Ke$hastuck Edit


Team Paradox Edit

Team paradox

Frenchstuck Edit

Frenchstuck 01 Edit

Frenchstuck 01

Guidestuck Edit

Guidestuck Vol.1 Edit

Guidestuck vol 1

Album Art by Regularsuperstar

Heinoustuck Edit

Heinoustuck Vol. 1 Edit

Heinoustuck vol 1

Album Art by artseke

Loftlocked Edit

Loftlocked Vol. 1 Edit

Loftlocked vol 1

Altgenstuck Edit

Altgenstuck: Vol 1 Edit


Music by Cerulean and Viceroy. mb

Hexane Edit

Hexane Volume 1 Edit

A3786843398 10

Hexane Volume 2 Edit

A2165672694 10

Phoenixes Edit

A1550121710 10

Hexane Volume 3 Edit

A1783211550 10

Six Souls Edit

A3348762198 10

Hexane Volume 4 Edit

A4155068961 10

Polyphony Edit

A3228702154 10

Hexane Volume 5 Edit

A1702546518 10

Act 8 Edit

Act 8 Volume 1 Edit

A1531329000 10


A2839863382 10

Janestuck Edit

Janestuck Volume 1.00 Edit

A1892693816 10

Album Art by Anervaria

Janestuck Volume 2
A3097130904 16

Album Art by Anervaria

Vast Error Edit

Vast Error Vol. 1 Edit

Vast error

Album Art by Sparaze and Joyfulldreams

Error Code Edit

Error code

Redditstuck Edit

Redditstuck Vol. 1 Edit

(Main Article: Redditstuck Vol. 1)

A3816668037 10

Redditstuck Vol. 1 is a 21 track album of original music created for the 'Sburbventure' style Homestuck fanadventure Redditstuck.

Redditstuck Vol. 2 Edit

A1892338754 10

Hypertonic Dreams Edit

Hypertonic Dreams

Cool and New Redditstuck Volume 1 Edit

Cool and new redditstuck volume 1 cover art

Album Art by XenoZane

Cool and New Redditstuck Volume 2 Edit

Cool and new redditstuck volume 2 cover art

Album Art by XenoZane

Hypotonic Memes Edit

Hypotonic Memes


[FREEROAM - Volume One] Edit

FREEROAM Volume One Cover Art with Logo By Dount (Cropped)

Album Art by pixelatedchocolatedonut.

cool and new webcomic Edit

cool and new voulem.1 Edit

(Main Article: cool and new voulem.1)
A2073608012 10

Album Art by miraculousAvantgarde

cool and new volume 2 Edit

Canwc vol 2

Album art by miraculousAvantgarde and Makin.

cool and new volume II Edit

A4044754674 16

Album Art by Makin, yazshu, Bambosh, Jaspy, BitesizeBird, Cryptanark, Cloudaria, miraculousAvantgarde, HadronKalido, Noisemaker, dragonChaser.

[NSFW] Penumbra オーガズム:百万ドルリミックス( Gunshow Singalong )の小ローン Edit

Nsfw no pls

Album Art by yazshu, dick2bombs and miraculousAvantgarde

Of Troles and Chiptumes Edit

A3243557858 16

Album Art by miraculousAvantgarde

Cool and new Volume V Edit

Vol v

Album Art by miraculousAvantgarde

A Shade Of Blue Edit

(Site: Main Website)
A3868122412 16

Music by Cerulean

Cool and New Homestuck Edit


Album Art by BobTheTacocat and HadronKalido 

Cyclica Edit

A4121681434 16

Album Art by yazshu

call and new Edit

A0338946462 16

Album Art by yazshu, Makin, janespeak, imnotglasses, cookiefonster, Xeno, jakkyr, BitesizeBird, Xoro, Sky and avocado.

cool and new volume s*x: hair transplant Edit

A4043657139 16

Album Art by miraculousAvantgarde.


A3229191628 16

Track Art by Makin

C A N W A V E Edit

A3995398676 16

Album Art by olkiswerve and Makin

Basement Tale Edit

A0938813632 16

Album Art by Makin

COOL AND NEW Volume 7: At the Price of $104.13 Edit

Vol 7

Album Art by yazshu

Carne Vale Fusion Collab Edit

Carne vale fusion collab

Album Art by XenoZane, Bambosh, HadronKalido, A greenTetrahedron, Jaspy, jakkyr, avocado and Anervaria. 

Cool and New Greatest Hits Edit

Canwc greatest hits

Album Art by marburusu

s]hecka jef Edit


Album Art by miraculousAvantgarde and Bambosh

CANWC for the Holidays Edit

Canwc holidays

Album Art by yazshu and tti

Median Edit


Album Art by NyashAlex

Cool and New Homestuck 2 Edit


Album Art by tripheus and Makin 

Cool and New Homestuck 3 Edit


Album Art by Makin

Take My Song in a Completely Different Direction Edit

Screenshot thing?

Album Art (can you even consider this album art it's a screenshot) by Tirantbacon

V8️lu♏e Edit

Vol 8

Album Art by BobTheTacocat 

C A N W A V E 2 Edit


Album Art by yazshu

2ound Te2t Edit

2ound Te2t

Album Art by Makin



Album Art by HadronKalido