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The Homestuck and MSPA Music Wiki, also known as the HaMM wiki, is the wiki devoted to both official and unofficial music, music albums, music projects and artists created for Andrew Hussie's Homestuck, MS Paint Adventures, What Pumpkin's Hiveswap video game series, and other related works!

This wiki's mission is to collate information about Homestuck music and the Homestuck music community, listing artists, tracks, and albums, both official and unofficial, and to provide easily sourced information on each, including track commentaries, album background information, and other works made by Homestuck musicians and artists. More broadly, we seek to collate and index any and all information relevant to Homestuck and MSPA music.

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What is Homestuck and MSPA Music?Edit

Homestuck is a webcomic by Andrew Hussie, which is well known for its multimedia content, including animated segments accompanied by music from the official Homestuck music team. Homestuck is the fourth in a series of webcomics by Hussie known as "MS Paint Adventures" (MSPA), and is by far the longest, although Hussie has produced numerous other works in the past.

Early on, Homestuck accrued a large amount of music on its official music team bandcamp page, which currently totals 27 official albums. Around this, a large fan community grew, which has spawned many fan based music projects, both collaborative and solo in nature, some of which were created or contributed to by official Homestuck music team members. This fan community continues to produce new Homestuck and MSPA music today, as well as albums themed around many related works, such as fan comics in the style of MSPA ("fan adventures"), and earlier works by Andrew Hussie.

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The cover of Hiveswap Act 1 OST, the soundtrack to Act 1 of Hiveswap and the most recent official Homestuck bandcamp release.

Disc 1

The cover of Land of Fans and Music 4, a fan music compilation album, the most recent MSPA fan collaboration released on the unofficialmspafans bandcamp. Art by sozzay.

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