Homestuck Vol. 7: At the Price of Oblivion is the eleventh (formerly fifteenth) official album released on the Homestuck Bandcamp, and the seventh installment in the Homestuck Volumes series. Representing the later portion of Act 5 Act 2, Vol. 7 is darker and more serious in tone than any of its predecessors. Notable songs include "Black Rose / Green Sun", "Even in Death", and "Savior of the Dreaming Dead", the last of which was used in Cascade, the End of Act 5.

Track list Edit

Track no.Title of trackMusician(s)Track cover artist
1 Black Rose / Green Sun Malcolm Brown Vinks, Shelby
2 At The Price of Oblivion Malcolm Brown, "Chorale for Jaspers" by Michael Guy Bowman, "Aggrieve" by Mark Hadley Shelby
3 Even in Death Clark "Plazmataz" Powell, "Upward Movement" by Robert Blaker Yapoos
4 Terezi Owns Toby "Radiation" Fox, remix of "Upward Movement" by Robert Blaker Guzusuru
5 Trial and Execution Malcolm Brown, "Lemonsnout Turnabout" by Toby "Radiation" Fox, "Crystalanthemums" by Alexander Rosetti Shelby
6 The Carnival Erik "Jit" Scheele, "Harlequin" by Mark Hadley Carla Bravo
7 Spider8reath Joren "Tensei" de Bruin, "Spider's Claw" by Toby "Radiation" Fox Laz
8 Lifdoff Malcolm Brown Stevie
9 Awakening Erik "Jit" Scheele Devin 'Raizor' H-S
10 Havoc To Be Wrought Thomas "EidolonOrpheus" Ferkol Left
11 Play The Wind Robert Blaker Suki
12 Rumble at the Rink Toby "Radiation" Fox Stevie
13 Let's All Rock the Heist Robert J! Lake Siins
14 WSW​-​Beatdown Erik "Jit" Scheele, "Beatdown" by Curt Blakeslee Devin 'Raizor' H-S
15 Earthsea Borealis Toby "Radiation" Fox, "Endless Climb" by George Buzinkai skepticarcher
16 Warhammer of Zillyhoo Michael Guy Bowman Vinks, Shelby
17 Savior of the Dreaming Dead Malcolm Brown, "Doctor" by George Buzinkai, "Savior of the Waking World" by Toby "Radiation" Fox Left
18 Maplehoof's Adventure Michael Guy Bowman Carla Bravo
19 Sburban Reversal Mark Hadley Devin 'Raizor' H-S
20 White Host, Green Room Joren "Tensei" de Bruin Pleg

Trivia Edit

  • Homestuck Vol. 7 is the first Homestuck album to feature unique track art done entirely by fans.
  • In the early stages of development, "Nautical Nightmare" from AlterniaBound was originally conceived as a strife theme for Rose Lalonde in a battle against her denizen, Cetus. Eventually, "Nautical Nightmare" was shifted to Eridan's strife theme against Sollux, while Rose's denizen strife concept was given new life as "Earthsea Borealis", the 15th track on Vol. 7.