Homestuck Vol. 4 is the fifth official album published on the Homestuck Bandcamp. It was later merged with three other albums (Homestuck Vol. 1, Homestuck Vol. 2, and Homestuck Vol. 3) to form the Homestuck Vol. 1-4 compilation album.

It is comprised entirely of tracks featured in the Homestuck Flash pages, from the remainder of Act 3 and a portion of Act 4.

Homestuck Vol. 4 vs. Homestuck Vol. 1-4 Edit

As with Homestuck Vol. 2 and 3, former music team member Bill Bolin contributed two tracks for this album which were later removed in the transition to Homestuck Vol. 1-4.

Track listEdit

Track no. TItle Musician(s)
1 Revelawesome Malcolm Brown
2 Hardlyquin Mark Hadley
3 Mutiny Bill Bolin
4 Carefree Victory Mark Hadley, Andrew Huo, Toby "Radiation" Fox
5 Guardian V2 Bill Bolin
6 Contention Marcy "Shadolith" Nabors
7 Ballad of Awakening Malcolm Brown
8 Sburban Jungle Michael Guy Bowman
9 Three in the Morning (RJ's I Can Barely Sleep in This Casino Remix) Robert J! Lake
10 Doctor George Buzinkai (written), Clark "Plazmataz" Powell & Michael Vallejo (produced)
11 Endless Climb George Buzinkai
12 Atomyk Ebonpyre Toby "Radiation" Fox
13 Black Toby "Radiation" Fox