Genesis Frog is the twenty-third official album released on the Homestuck Bandcamp, the tenth and final solo album released by an individual member of the Homestuck music team, and the third and final album released for solo album "month". By Alexander Rosetti, Genesis Frog centres around the fauna native to the beta kids' Medium: the four varieties of consorts, and frogs, most notably the titular Genesis Frog. To encapsulate the energetic nature of the consorts and the grandiose aura surrounding the Genesis Frog, the album centres around bombastic orchestral pieces featuring a wide variety of instruments.

Track list Edit

Track no.Title of trackTrack cover artist
3Our Glorious SpeakerRikuru
4Prospitian FolkloreRikuru
5Consorts' IntermezzoMarina
6Buy NAK Sell DOOFMarina
7Pink ShellsRikuru
8Entrance of the SalamandersMarina
9Thip of the TongueRikuru
10Frogs' IntermezzoMarina
11Breeding DutiesMarina
12Stoke the ForgeMarina
13Great LOFAF Expedition of 2009Marina
14The Temple's Withered BloomRikuru
16Speaker (Skaia's Reflection)Marina
17The Vast CroakRikuru
18BONUS Pondsquatter (Live Chamber Version)Marina
19BONUS FrogsongMarina

Trivia Edit

  • Genesis Frog is one of two albums to feature a live performance by an established music group—the first bonus track of the album is an arrangement of "Pondsquatter" performed by the Talea Ensemble.
  • Though the album was planned to be released at the end of August to bring an end to "Solo Album Month", complications resulted in the album being delayed a full two months.