The Cool and New Music Team is the official music team for the titular fan comic cool and new web comic. With a team of around 100 members, ranging from musicians, artists, and animators, it is the biggest collaborative music team in the Homestuck/MSPA community. The core manager team includes Bambosh, ostrichlittledungeon, Makin, Hadron Kalido, JohnJRenns, Jaspy, Cryptanark, wheals and Interrobang, with past managers being Minish, Ngame, Difarem, Niklink, aviaryDestruction, Cerulean and Noisemaker. Their main albums are comprised of content created for and related to CANWC, with side albums additionally released that are focused on different subjects. Some of these pay tribute to previous Homestuck musicians, such as BOWMANIA, an homage to the musician Michael Guy Bowman.

As of March 15th, 2017, avocado's birthday, the music team has made and released over 27 different albums, comprised of over 1,050 songs. They have also created the song with the largest team of people working on it at once, 7 GRAND END, with over 20 contributors, 19 composers and 1 artist.