coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B is the nineteenth official album released on the Homestuck Bandcamp, and the second of two officially released fan compilation albums themed after the characters of Homestuck. Universe B, in reference to the humans' universe, contains a total of eight themes—one for each of the beta kids and alpha kids from two separate iterations of Earth. In addition, twenty-one tracks of "Additional Mayhem" are also included, aligning the track amount with coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A.

Unlike Universe A, Universe B does not feature as heavy an emphasis on cinematic music; instead, the great variety of music common to Homestuck Volumes 6-8 is present. Additionally unlike Universe A, the beta kids' tracks are all arrangements of their themes from earlier in the comic.

Track list Edit

Track no.Title of trackMusician(s)Track cover artist
1~​~​SIDE 1​~​~Toby "Radiation" FoxShelby Cragg
2Green GhostMonobrowKoba
3Orchid HorrorDavid DeCouSukka
4Red DiscNathan "EbonHawk7x" H.Aurum
5Blue AtomDavid Ellis (A Lunatic's Daydream)

Malik Refaat (Alto saxophone)

Petra K.
6~​~​SIDE 2​~​~Toby "Radiation" FoxShelby Cragg
7Cyan BeastDavid Ellis (A Lunatic's Daydream)Paperartichokes
8Pink CatRyan Ames MissNK
9Orange HatPlumegeistMeggie Fox
10Emerald TerrorElisa "Moony" McCabeLysa
11~​~​ADDITIONAL MAYHEM​~​~Toby "Radiation" FoxShelby Cragg
12Squiddle SongMaya KernMaya Kern
14Pale RaptureThe Black CurtainThe-Everlasting-Ash
15Do The Windy ThingBrian SchaeferEmily Blundell
16Pilot LightThomas Ibarra (AutoDevote, SparksD2145)KIIPPU
17OhgodcatGecShelby Cragg
18Cupcake GirlLiam O'DonnellElla
19Phantasmic YoungstersTristan ScrogginsSadgi
20Battle BrotocolElliot "TheLastBanana" ColpHanni Brosh
21Bec NoirWill KommorRem
22The Vast GlubKris "Astartus" FlackeM. Schmahl
23WV: Become the Mayor of CansSolarbearDerples
24March of the BatterwitchMarcy "Shadolith" NaborsDawn
26ClockstopperviaSatellite & infiniteKnifeKurimja
27Dapper DuelingMax "Imbrog" WrightShillo
28CheckmateDavid "Dirtiest" DycusShad
29Vodka MutinyMai YishanRiri
30Dord WaltzElaine "OJ" WangMerrigo
31Rustless FallGabe "zorg" StilezKadi Fedoruk
32PipeorgankindJames "soselfimportant" RoachVickybit

Trivia Edit

  • Each of the tracks under "~~SIDE 1~~" and "~~SIDE 2~~" were originally submitted to the coloUrs and mayhem fan music contest under different names, and were given new titles upon selection to suit each of the predetermined order of the album.