coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A is the eighteenth official album released on the Homestuck Bandcamp, and the first of two officially released fan compilation albums themed after the characters of Homestuck. Universe A, in reference to the trolls' universe, contains a total of twenty-four themes—one for each of the beta trolls and their ancestors from Alternia. In addition, five tracks of "Additional Mayhem" are also included, aligning the track amount with coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B.

Most tracks in the album are cinematic in nature, making use of orchestrated soundfonts, but several also extend into other genres and tones to suit the varying characters of the twenty-four trolls and their universe.

Track ListEdit

Track no. Title Musician(s) Track Artist
1 ~~SIDE 1~~ Toby "Radiation" Fox Shelby Cragg
2 Rust Servant William Ascenzo Leslie
3 Bronze Rebel Yan "Nucleose" Rodriguez Kitsu
4 Gold Pilot First Turn Fold SuryaAsura
5 Iron Infidel Samm Neiland Paula Vieira
6 Olive Scribe Magnum (CharredAsperity) WP
7 Jade Mother Nathan "EbonHawk7x" H Zilon
8 Teal Hunter William Ascenzo Myotishi
9 Cobalt Corsair Max "Imbrog" Wright Cactuar
10 Indigo Archer Rachael Macwhirter Chelsea Thomas
11 Purple Tyrant Kevin "UWBW" Grant Asiul
12 Violet Mariner William Ascenzo Rumminov
13 Fuchsia Ruler Sinister Psyche Mel
14 ~~SIDE 2~~ Toby "Radiation" Fox Shelby Cragg
15 Rust Maid Plumegeist Digidigi66
16 Bronze Page Ian "MyUsernamesMud" White, Eston "silence" Schweickart, Ally Clark Durandana
17 Gold Mage repeatedScales Prassio
18 Iron Knight DJ 最テー Emma Glaze
19 Olive Rogue Eston "silence" Schweickart, Alex Amlie-Wolf Mingmingfurb
20 Jade Sylph Frank Haught Michelle Czajkowski
21 Teal Seer Kera L. Jones Bloodredbites
22 Cobalt Thief Ray McDougall Shannon
23 Indigo Heir Paul Tuttle Starr Rebecca Ryberg
24 Purple Bard Gec (Eligecos) Brianne
25 Violet Prince DJ 最テー Whimzu
26 Fuchsia Witch David "Dirtiest" Dycus Inverts
27 ~~ADDITIONAL MAYHEM~~ Toby "Radiation" Fox Shelby Cragg
28 Your Universe Marcus Carline jones n. wiedle
29 Superego Yan "Nucleose" Rodriguez Kajoi
30 Made of Time James "soselfimportant" Roach Alexia Khodanian
31 Nine Lives One Love Dallas Ross Hicks Lynnai Hicks
32 Temporal Shenanigans Rachel Macwhirter Astrom

Trivia Edit

  • Each of the tracks under "~~SIDE 1~~" and "~~SIDE 2~~" were originally submitted to the coloUrs and mayhem fan music contest under different names, and were given new titles upon selection to suit each of the predetermined order of the album.
  • The songs that were given the titles "Indigo Archer" and "Purple Tyrant" were originally two different tracks submitted by another "artist". Shortly after the album's release, it was revealed that they were in fact plagiarized from the Frozen Synapse video game soundtrack. As a result, these entries were replaced by the current tracks on the album.