Cherubim is the twenty-fourth official album released on the Homestuck Bandcamp, the sixth compilation album by the Homestuck music team, and the final album proper released before the end of the comic. Centred around the cherub "siblings" Calliope and Caliborn, the album alternates between parallel tracks symbolizing each—five groups of two songs which each use the same melodies to wildly contrasting effects. This pattern is broken by the eleventh track, "Eternity Served Cold", which signifies the predomination of one over the other.

The tracks' composition styles are as varied as their musicians. Songs representing Calliope are delicate or melancholy, while tracks representing Calliborn tend to be aggressive and dark.

Track list Edit

Track no.Title of trackMusician(s)Track cover artist
1ReverieAlexander RosettiMarina
2Power FantasyClark "Plazmataz" PowellElyse Holmes
3Stellarum SalveRobert J! LakeMobble
4Carne ValeMalcolm BrownLeslie Hung
5Green LollyRobert J! LakeBrianne
6Red SuckerRobert BlakerDana Smart
7Constant ConfinementErik "Jit" ScheeleMichelle Czajkowski
8Constant ConquestMichael Guy BowmanElly
9The LyristThomas "EidolonOrpheus" FerkolRumminov
10The LordlingToby "Radiation" FoxRumminov
11Eternity Served ColdMalcolm Brownrennerei