♊ - The Mituna Method is a track by musician psithurist that was released on the album Beforus on April 10th 2016 with track art by slitherbot. It is the 4th track on Beforus.

Musician's commentary (from the Beforus commentary booklet) Edit

"I was asked to make a track as a theme for Mituna, so my first thoughts were 1. chip sounds and 2. guitars. The first draft of the track was a lot more chaotic, with the melodies being played on live guitars, and it didn't really work out, so most of it ended up being cut - only a couple of backing guitar tracks made it into the final piece. The title and theme of this track is based on this (somewhat infamous) fan theory, which speculates that Mituna's injuries come from him burning out whilst using his psiionic powers to propel Prospit's moon from the alpha trolls' session into another, allowing the remaining living trolls to use its quest beds to go god tier. I don't know if that idea will pan out at all, but I thought it was interesting enough to write a song about!"

- psithurist

Track artist's commentary (from the Beforus commentary booklet) Edit

"for the track art i decided that i should depict mituna looking almost as if hes using his psiionics! in the design i wanted to use a pixelly pattern which i thought went along with the chiptune sound of the song, also i listened to the song on repeat while making it!! i apologize the whole picture itself is really eye strain-y but i thought it would fit!"

- slitherbot